working together through theatre

A group bonding workshop in cooperation with the NGO SCI Austria

“Acting is not just a method to learn how to present yourself on stage, it’s a way of exploring yourself, other people and the environment around you, as well as the interactions between them.“

During summer 2021 Sarah Dürnberger carried out a series of theatre workshop in the frame of her final project (Grundlagenprojekt IFANT) in cooperation with the NGO SCI Austria. Each workshop was held over about six hours with 8-12 international participants who were new to theatre. The exercises included self-awareness, team-work, emotions, trust, activism and conflict resolution. Sarah used typical theatre pedagogical methods such as warm-ups, voice exercises, improv theatre techniques, forum theatre (Agosto Boal), etc. Each workshop was completed with a presentation of the rehearsed forum theatre scenes followed by interventions from the audience. The goal till the end of the workshop was to enable the participants to carry out a full scene on stage, in which they could connect their activistic goals with forum theatre.

Durchführende StudentInnen: Sarah Dürnberger
Kooperationspartner: SCI Austria
Projektzeitraum: 27. Juli – 12. September 2021

Fotos: Sarah Dürnberger, Mirna Cipek, Andrea Loddo

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